Hello! I am very pleased you decided to visit my website.

   My name is Anna. My day to day life is a fairy tale. I am an artist-puppeteer, I create collectable Teddy Bears and their fantastic friends. I began making and selling bears in the 2012. The lovely, charming toys I've created live in private collections all over the world. All the babies are sewn using my unique patterns from high quality professional materials.


  I believe that every toy holds the warmth and gentle touch of the creator’s hands and their positive energy. I would like you to feel that warmth and love that I send to my highly valued customers!


  I'm passionate about creating touching, pure, lovely images of animals. I use gentle colors, laces, silk tapes, natural materials.


  I don't work to order, every image of every single toy arises spontaneously and during the sewing process it gets the individual character.


  I have many creative plans for the future and I always promise to please my collectors with new toy characters. My toys are sold through newsletters, or by subscription and you can subscribe on this website in the section "For Adoption".
Please contact me @ e-mail: volkovanyuta@gmail.com


Very best wishes, Anna




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