Some of the Teddy Bears & Friends I have made in 2017



Some of the Teddy Bears & Friends I have made in 2016

  Teddy bears represent a symbol of childhood, an opportunity to come back to the carefree world of fairy tales. A child’s love for their fluffy bears, bunnies and little squirrels will never go away and many adults still have their childhood toys in a box in the loft. Everybody’s heart melts when they see a particularly sweet and cuddly soft toy.

  When they first appeared soft toys were considered as a luxury item and were passed down from one generation to another. My individually created collection “Teddy Bear and his friends” can surely revive this tradition. Every single bear is unique and the artist imbues it with it’s own special character, creates its history and thus the toy becomes rare and exclusive.


  Teddy bears and their fairy tale friends are a wonderful present to your family for generations to come. They are not just beautiful ornaments but a source of joy and warmth for all the family and visiting friends.


   I invite you to dive into the new surprising world of fairy tale and magic! Have a look at the gallery of my author's toys and choose a furry friend for yourself.